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Guided Portfolio Services

Expert advice from Morningstar Investment Management, LLC.

Guided Portfolio Services (GPS) is a retirement planning program that delivers objective investment advice from independent financial expert Morningstar Investment Management, LLC. Whether you are saving for — or already in — retirement, the comprehensive investment advice includes: 

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Wealth Forecasting
GPS forecasts how likely you are to reach your retirement goals, using information such as desired retirement age and income, current investments and other assets, and future income and expenses. The program also recommends a specific investment portfolio and savings rate that is personalized to your individual circumstances. 

Asset Allocation
Your wealth forecast drives asset allocation, which diversifies portfolios into a variety of asset categories. Studies indicate that the greatest influence on investment results is the way assets are allocated. 

Investment Selection
GPS recommends specific investments and exactly how much should be invested in each. We then make adjustments as needed, based on performance and market trends. 

Asset Management
With Portfolio Manager, VALIC will oversee your assets on an ongoing basis. After constructing your portfolio, GPS automatically reports on and maintains the account, including investment monitoring and portfolio rebalancing. Want to be more involved in managing and monitoring your account? Then manage your own assets based on the advice you generate using Portfolio Advisor. But remember that with Portfolio Advisor, the responsibility of account maintenance remains with you. 

Note : All investments involve risk. Investment values will fluctuate and there is no assurance that the objective of any fund will be achieved. Mutual fund shares are redeemable at the then-current net asset value, which may be more or less than their original cost.

Portfolio Advisor offers expert advice, including asset allocation, fund selection, retirement income forecast, recommended savings rate and ongoing portfolio optimization. 

Whether or not you act on the advice is left up to you.

Portfolio Manager offers all of the advice and services of Portfolio Advisor, plus it automatically implements the investment advice, provides ongoing asset management and offers access to services via a financial advisor.

GPS - Portfolio Manager Fees

  • Asset-based fee assessed quarterly using quarter-end balance 

  • Annualized participant fee for GPS managed assets, including break point fee reductions, apply as follows.

GPS Managed Assets Annual Participant Fee
1st $100,000 0.60% on assets
Next $150,000 0.50% on assets
Amount Over $250,000 0.45% on assets

For example, the annual fee for managing $10,000 would be $60